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ESG Project Scouting

As stewards of financial excellence and responsible investment, we understand the intricate balance that financial institutions strive to maintain in today’s dynamic market. In an era where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations weigh significantly on portfolio evaluations, we recognize the importance of aligning your alternative investment strategy with sustainable practices.

Decision-makers in the financial sector are navigate the evolving landscape of ESG considerations. offers a discreet and tailored solution to fortify your portfolio’s ESG performance. Managing Partner Ulf Kanne leverages a robust network in clean transport and energy sectors. The focused scouting service identifies strategic alternative investments and asset-backed investment opportunities, aligning precisely with your unique preferences. Let us be your partner in optimizing your portfolio’s ESG rating, adding sustainable value to your financial standing.

Your scout, Managing Partner Ulf Kanne, has a long high-tech business track record and is specialist for sustainable finance, engineering and innovative assets. His capabilities are complemented by a large network of technology providers and project developers in clean transport- and clean energy-space. The hands-on experience from various clean transport initiatives in the marine space and renewable energy projects in EU and Switzerland is combined with sound engineering expertise from postgraduate studies in engineering at RWTH Aachen and ETH Zurich. A strong personal commitment to climate action guarantees compelling ESG performance.

Scope of Scouting

For a fruitful collaboration, the specific demand should be specified by choosing from the options below. Details are to be specified in the ESG Project Scouting Agreement.

Regional Focus

  • Switzerland
  • EU
  • OECD Countries
  • Global
  • Custom Focus

Type of Assets

  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Low-Carbon Ground Transport
  • Low-Carbon Marine Transport
  • Low-Carbon Aviation
  • Sustainable Fuel Supply Chain
  • Carbon Capture
  • Nature-Based Solutions and Forestry

Ticket Size

  • up to 20 MEUR
  • 20…50 MEUR
  • 50…250 MEUR
  • 250 MEUR and more

Investment Term

  • 50…10 years
  • 10…20 years
  • 20 years and more

ESG Criteria to be Regarded

  • Impact (e.g. GHG emissions) per amount Invested
  • Specific ESG Standard, e.g. EU-SFRD Art.9
  • Exclusion Criteria / Principal Adverse Indicators

Project Risk

  • Only fully developed, ‘Ready To Build’ stage opportunities can be regarded and resulting competition is accepted
  • Investor is open to consider an early commitment, about 6-12 months ahead of “Ready To Build” stage
  • Investor is open to provide project related venture capital in advance

Source of Repayment & Offtake Agreements

  • Mandatory long-term agreements with investment grade counterparty are mandatory
  • MOUs for limited offtaking are seen as reasonable starting point
  • Spot-market strategy with no long-term agreements is appreciated

Compensation Structure

Our compensation structure prioritises transparency and efficiency. The direct cost for this scouting service is capped at one working day per month, with an additional commitment to dedicate ample time to your needs. This is compensated with a success-based component, tied to the amount invested as a result of our collaboration, aligning our incentives with the fruitful outcomes of our partnership.

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